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My major is chemical engineering. I have been specialized in promoting plant construction in foreign countries, starting from feasibility study and/or economic evaluation, contracting/agreement, basic design, detailed engineering, purchasing service, construction supervision, start-up/operation up to the development of marketing strategy and technical services. Other specialized areas were potable water and wasted water treatment, wastewater sludge treatment, municipal solid waste treatment and automation of building or plant.

G-Startup Festival, Mr. KeeYoun HahnChairman | Hwadong International

G-Startup Festival

Mr. Han was invited by Hwadong International to the G-Startup Festival, as an International business mentor.
Enterprise access activities, Mr. KeeYoun HahnChairman | Hwadong International

Enterprise access activities

Mr. Han has visited one of Hwadong International's client enterprise (Sung Hyun) and had a factory site tour.

Current Main Activities & Career

  • Performing as an expert for global engineering projects in the overseas market including China / Philippines / India / Singapore / Germany / Thailand / Sri Lanka, etc.

Past Main Activities & Career

  • Economic evaluation specialist in KPCC (later became one of the company of Hanwha group)
  • Worked out to sign the contract for Yeochon LLDPE project with Union Carbide
  • President of SEOHAE Industry Co., compounding company of PVC, TPE, Master-batch, etc
  • Member of partnership company, APEL, which was Hydrogen-oxide plant licensing company, (licensed for India, South Africa and Korea)
  • President of Spud-mac International Co. Ltd, artificial potato seed manufacture and selling company
  • President of FIDEL Engineering Co Ltd. whose major activities were engineering, supervision and start-up of HDCA in Indonesia, ADCA in China, and plant automation of Dongjin Semi-com. and Dow Ulsan, etc.
  • Consultant of Ministry of Environment
  • Lecturer on waste water and waste water sludge treatment for Kyungki-Do



  • Trade Day award from Korea International Trade association