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Mr. Samhyeon Chi| Hwadong International

Mr. Samhyeon Chi

Daejeon / Korea

I have worked for more than 40 years in planning, design, construction, supervision and overseas business activities related to ICT field of industry. Besides, I had worked as a director of foreign companies ...

Mr. Youngsoo Bae| Hwadong International

Mr. Youngsoo Bae

Seoul / Korea

I worked for the trading department at Kolon International corp., Ltd., and then I worked in Panama for 3 years as a Branch Manager of Panama Branch office. I established a trading company ...

Mr. Moonkyo  Kim| Hwadong International

Mr. Moonkyo Kim

Daejeon / Korea

I am operating a web broadcasting which produces broadcasting of culture, art, travel, documentary, and sports, and broadcasts all day long via CAM website.

Mr. Sunjoo Moon| Hwadong International

Mr. Sunjoo Moon

Seoul / Korea

I am an expert to provide intelligent target promotion marketing service through optimal web technology and data analysis. Also, I focus on providing exporters the access to overseas markets and assist them to ...

Mr. Hoonki Kim| Hwadong International

Mr. Hoonki Kim

Seoul / Korea

I am experienced in Overseas Trading, Establishment of e-bidding DB for Public Procurement Service, Joint purchase of auto parts and management of merchants, Consulting for export of agricultural products, Selection of SME products, ...

Mr. Chanjong Lee| Hwadong International

Mr. Chanjong Lee

Seoul / Korea

I have many years of experience in export sales, establishment and operation of overseas sales subsidiaries (domestic sales) while understanding the local market structure and buyers' purchase and sales policy through operation of ...

Mr. Jungnam Kim| Hwadong International

Mr. Jungnam Kim

I worked as sales and production manager for other Textile enterprises and after then, I am operating my own company.

Mr. SS Song| Hwadong International

Mr. SS Song

Seoul / Korea

I am publishing the news through the internet news media, News in Seoul. The main article is travel, leisure, culture and local news. Most closely related is the informative and news on daily ...