Soft Landing Services

DeltaTech-Korea Ltd. (DTK) is happy to provide foreign entrepreneurs, startups and incubators with a soft-landing service of fast-track Networking, Project lab, Company Builder, and Specialized service.

What is Soft Landing?

Launching a startup in a different country can be a daunting task with uncertainties based on cultural and communication gaps. In order to solve this issue and help startups save time and money (from big mistakes), DTK designed the Soft Landing Services Program.

DTK bring these services by making use of its existing network of investors and businessmen, government partners and experts here in Korea.

In addition your startup will be introduced to different startup programs, universities, or partners and investors who have interest and expertise in the similar field.

Who can apply?

We accept application from any foreign-owned technology-based startup that wants to establish a foothold in Korea. 

Is this free of charge?

The identification of the partnership agreement is free of charge. The applicant and the identified partner (which can be DTK or another Korean partner) will be the ones who will further define the terms of the partnership. 

How to apply to SLS?

Fill out the form here to apply for SLS and begin your soft landing into Korea. A member will contact you for an initial interview. Once your startup passes the needs analysis, partnership agreement proposals will be presented to your startup based on the needs analysis and consultations with DTK's network of potential partners.

Here is the process for the SLS.

Here are the services offered:

Networking | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd


Networking events are designed to help the inbound company to Korea with connections to local networks of partners, potential customers and suppliers. With DTK, your market entry program can be a pleasant experience.

Project Lab | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Project Lab

Project lab is a virtual-based project development service to help corporate clients with bidding opportunities, calls for proposals, funding lines relating to innovation and startup. Leverage DTK's proven track records for your success.

Company Builder | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Company Builder

Co-working Space is for start-ups, independent contractors, work-at-home professionals, and business people who travel frequently to Korea. Contact us for your successful start up adventure in Korea.

Specialized Services | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Specialized Services

We understand each client's requirements is unique, thus deserving custom tailored services. Professional teams with deep market insights at DTK are here to offer tailored-made services to foreign clients.

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