White Tang: the LED beauty mask for households

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TitleWhite Tang: the LED beauty mask for households
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A Korean company has developed and patented in Korea masks for skin and scalp care by light emitting diode(LED). Light emitting diode(LED) penetrates deeply into dermal dermis layers for smoothing the skin in such way as removing wrinkles, freckles and pimples.
The unique feature of their mask compared with other products currently in market is the way of emitting the light from the mask. As existing products use LED light bulbs to take care of the skin, there is a gap between each bulb and the effects are not constant throughout the entire face. Comparing with this, there are LED light at the edge of this product for uniform light throughout the face. By using the optical guards with a reflector inside of the product, LED lights could reflect all over the skin. Therefore, the light could be diffracted evenly all over the skin. This company is looking for a partner to distribute the device in the overseas market. As this is their first time trying to enter the global market, they want to have a specialized partner. It is expected that the partner will be closely linked to the personal care market.

This product is easily operated. Users can take care of their skin and scalp for only ten minutes everyday at the convenience of their own home using the product. This device is user-friendly. As the mask can be fixed to the face, users don't need to hold the device with their hands. And the device is allowed for wireless charging.
Furthermore, with three-dimensional light guiding technology, the effect of skincare is superior with uniform light irradiation. By using reflector inside of this product, LED light could be reflected throughout the face.

Type and Role of Partner Sought

This company is looking for a partner to distribute the device in the global market. The partner is expected to have a wide network linked to the personal care market.

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Technology Keywordphotovoltaics
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