Simple test kit for measuring furan in aged transformer oil

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TitleSimple test kit for measuring furan in aged transformer oil
Profile TypeTechnology Offer
DTK CodeTO201724
Internal ReferenceTOKR20171102005

The Korean research institute has developed a simple test kit for measuring furan. This technology analyzes furfural generated by deterioration of transformer insulation in the field. The institute is looking for a license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance, and financial

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type of partner sought

  • SME, larger company, research institutions

Specific area of activity of partner

  • Special chemicals, transformer oil

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought

  • license agreement: Cooperation on further product development and the partner should have facilities for the production
  • Commercial agreement with technical assistance: industrialization of the product
  • Finance agreement
Type of Partnership Considered

Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance, Financial Agreement, License Agreement

Technology Keywordchemical , electronic , test kit , furan , transformer oil
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