Seeking partners for the future development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

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TitleSeeking partners for the future development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Profile TypeTechnology Request
DTK CodeTR201801
Internal ReferenceTRKR20180109001

The Korean company specialized in manufacturing high precision plastic components along with the parts of precision science and Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamp is interested in development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, SOFC in order to be the economic values strong and high efficiency of SOFC. The company is looking for the partner to cooperate in the framework of research cooperation agreement and license agreement.

Type and Role of Partner Sought
  • Type of partner sought: Companies are specialized in manufacture and electricity techniques.
  • Specific area of activity of partner: The partners should be specialized in the electronic components, so they are able to work in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell related techniques, the components of precision science.
  • Tasks to be performed by the partner sought: The company is able to cooperate in research and development of new developmental techniques with license agreement afterwards.
Type of Partnership Considered

License Agreement, Research Cooperation Agreement

Technology Keywordelectricity , fuels , gas
EEN Application FileEEN Application File TRKR20180109001.PDF

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