Manufacturing HPF automotive body parts

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TitleManufacturing HPF automotive body parts
Profile TypeTechnology Request
DTK CodeTR201620
Internal ReferenceTRKR20160802003
IndustryAutomotive, Transport and Logistics

A Korean SME specialized in the field of automotive seeks for partners with expert knowledge in hot press forming (HPF) to develop components for automotive. The company seeks a commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or license agreement partners capable of providing the technology at this scale on an economic basis for design, installation and demonstration.

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type of partner sought:

  • SME, universities, research institution, and larger companies

Specific area of activity of partner:

  • Hot press forming, steel automotive components

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought:

  • Provide modelling data and components designs to be made with HPF
  • Commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or license agreement partner, can commercialize the product and hold right to distribute
Type of Partnership Considered

Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance, License Agreement

Technology Keywordcomponents , construction , engineering , equipment , materials , systems , transport
EEN Application FileEEN Application File 39._TRKR20160802003.PDF

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