Eurostars2: Partners for technical cooperation on developing a portable EV charger

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TitleEurostars2: Partners for technical cooperation on developing a portable EV charger
Profile TypeResearch & Development Request
DTK CodeRDR201703
Internal ReferenceRDKR20170228001
IndustryICT Industry and Services

A Korean SME, specialized in smart meters, smart grid devices, and solutions is applying for the
Eurostars2 project. The SME is developing a portable EV charger that a consumer can charge their
vehicle anywhere and the billing system is established and is looking for partners to work on
monitoring and managing energy and assistance in developing Electric Vehicle portable cable

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type of partner sought

  • SME, Administration, and Larger company

Specific area of activity of partner

  • Connected standby power(ESS) at home
  • EV charger and smart metering(V2G)
  • Remote power transfer and wireless power charging
  • Next generation metering infra adaption

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought

  • Energy monitoring and managing technology
  • Developing EV portable cable technology (meter+communication module+billing system)
  • Marketing and sales in EU
Type of Partnership Considered

Research Cooperation Agreement

Technology Keywordbatteries , electricity , energy , eurostars , storage
EEN Application FileEEN Application File RDKR20170228001.PDF

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