Eurostars2: Partners for a collaborative research project on human mood recognition system

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TitleEurostars2: Partners for a collaborative research project on human mood recognition system
Profile TypeResearch & Development Request
DTK CodeRDR201701
Internal ReferenceRDKR20170228007
IndustryICT Industry and Services

A Korean SME specialized in software development is looking for partners to run the Eurostars2
project. The project is developing a human mood recognition system. It can make more reliable data and develop efficient marketing strategies. The SME is seeking universities/companies to cooperate in their research, working in psychology, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data analytics.

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type of partner sought

  • SME and University

Specific area of activity of partner

  • Psychology, emotion analysis

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought

  • Demographic data analysis
  • Facial expression and facial movement analysis
  • Provide accurate indicators for recognizing emotion
Type of Partnership Considered

Research Cooperation Agreement

Technology Keywordanalysis method , appliances , control system , electronic , engineering , human mood , measurement , recognition , research , software
EEN Application FileEEN Application File RDKR20170228007.PDF

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