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TitleCRUXCAN PSP Scanner
Profile TypeBusiness Offer
DTK CodeBO2020_01
Internal ReferenceBO2020_01

CRUXELL Inc., which is a company for manufacturing dental devices from 2016, is specialized in high-quality dental x-ray imaging system. The dental PSP scanner, 'CRUXCAN' has innovative x-ray processing technology which provides high-quality intra-oral x-ray images at affordable price. 

CRUXCAN PSP Scanner is designed as a user-friendly as it is small and light. With the 4 inch LCD touch screen, the device is easily operated. And Ethernet cable enables rapid image transfer from the scanner to PC. 

High quality of image enables accurate diagnosis for patients by using a semiconductor element(MPPC). Imaging plates are flexile and soft, and 4 different sizes of them would be provided for covering various dental areas. 

Type and Role of Partner Sought

This company wants to have a cooperative distributing partner.

Type of Partnership Considered

Distribution Services Agreement

Technology Keyworddental
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