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Professional services offered to the clients in both Korea and global markets, including market research, partner selection, negotiations and more.

Investment Attracting | Hwadong International

Investment Attracting

Target Market Export Strategy Consulting, Buyer Matching Service, Investment Attraction Service and Overseas Market Development Consulting.

PR & Marketing | Hwadong International

PR & Marketing

PR & Marketing Leveraging Japanese Media, Global Social Media Marketing PR & Marketing, Sales Promotion.

Overseas Expansion | Hwadong International

Overseas Expansion

Overseas Market Development and Expansion Support and Consulting.

Buyer Matching | Hwadong International

Buyer Matching

On-site Buyer Matching Meeting/ Seminar, Presentation/ Seminar Inviting Overseas Buyers to Korea, Follow Up Marketing Outsourcing After ...

AT 사업

AT 사업 소개

Establishing Company in Korea | Hwadong International

Establishing Company in Korea

There are three ways by which foreigners (foreign corporations) can enter Korea for business purposes: establishing a ...

Vietnam Cosmetics Certification | Hwadong International

Vietnam Cosmetics Certification

Vietnam Cosmetics License and Advertising License