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Vietnam Cosmetics License and Advertising License

Vietnam Cosmetics Certification, Vietnam Cosmetics License and Advertising License

1. Document Preparation




2. Notarization for Exporting to Vietnam

1. English Version Notarization (Internationally recognized lawyer notarization)

: This is a required step to receive consular authentication from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

: Documents to be submitted including English/Korean version each, identification card, copy of company registeration certificate, company seal, seal certificate. 

: Fee - 25,000 KRW/ 23.5 USD 

: There are many notary offices near the courts.

: Operating time - 09:00~17:30 (Lunch break 12pm~13pm)

2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Authentication

: This is a required step to receive consular authentication from Vietnam Embassy

: Documents to be submitted including documents notarized by lawyer, copy of identification card, company nameplate, company seal (both corporation seal or used seal)

: Fee - 500 KRW/ 0.5 USD 

: Location of Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 60, Sajik-ro 8-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea ( Line number 5, near Gwanghwamun Station)

- TEL. 02-2100-7600

: Operating time - 09:00~17:30 (Morning reception)

3. Vietnam Embassy Consular Authentication

: Documents to be submitted including acceptor identification card, one copy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs consular certification (including sticker), one copy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs consular certification (English version), consular confirmation application.

: Fee - Confirmed by date 35,000 KRW/ 33 USD, Next day issue 30,000 KRW/ per case (cash payment)

: Operating time - 09:00~11:00 (Vietnam/Korea Holiday confirmation required)

: Reception room - B4 Building

: It takes about 3 days and you have to go directly to the Vietnamese Embassy (bring your receipt)

* Vietnam Embassy in Korea

- Receipting time of consular confirmation documents : Only available in the moring 09:00 ~ 11:00 am

- Lunch break : 12:00 ~ 14:00 pm (close)

- Receiving time : Only available in the afternoon 15:00~17:30 om

(Documents receipting only in the morning, Documents receiving only in  the afternoon - Implemented from 26th Jan, 2015)

* Vietnam Embassy in Korea

- Address : 123 Bukchon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

- TEL : 02-734-7948

3. General Regulations for the Certification of Cosmetics in Vietnam

○ Cosmetics are substances that directly contact the human skin or mouth, and the Ministry of Health stipulates regulations on cosmetic safety and certificates.

○ The following regulations are applied to cosmetic companies :

1) Documents required for product registration

1. Cosmetic product proclamation report

2. Copies of company/private business registration certificate

3. Original or notarized copy of the power of attorney of the producer or owner of the product.

4. Certificate of Free Sales

2) The product information file consists of four parts

1. Summary of Administrative Documents and Product Descriptions

2. Quality of materials

3. Quality of product

4. Safety and efficiency

3) Product Safety

- The producer or owner is obliged to evaluate the safety of cosmetics to meet the ASEAN safety attributes.

- In ASEAN, Annex 06-MP specifies restrictions on heavy metals in cosmetics and microbial matters. Cosmetic ingredients must comply with the appendix requirements in the new version of ASEAN Cosmetic Treaty.

(Website :,

4) Procedures for issuing and processing documents

- The collection and processing of the registration documents proceed in one set, submitted directly or submitted to the competent national authority.

- Companies or individuals who are responsible for importing products into the market apply KFDA cosmetic product registration documents.

- Within 3 business days of receiving the registration document and registration fee due to the obligation to issue the cosmetics registration number to the competent national authority.

5) Validity period if cosmetic registration number

- Registration number is valid for 5 years from the issue date.

- If the seller wants to continue to sell the product after the expiration date, it must register before maturity and pay a fixed fee.

6) Cosmetics import

- Cosmetics issued by the Ministry of Health, Vietnam's Ministry of Health's KFDA to receive a valid cosmetic registration number are allowed to import into Vietnam.

- The import procedure shall be carried out in accordance with the current regulations of the KCS, and on the implementation of the import procedure, the KCS must present the cosmetic registration certificate issued by the KFDA to the KFDA.