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DTK's technology commercialization services include Tech Licensing, Partner Search, Valuation, Royalty Audit, Credit Reporting, IP Acquisition, Tech Scouting and client specific custom services. Contact DTK with your requirements.

Tech Licensing | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Tech Licensing

DTK's licensing associates are highly specialized in patent licensing activities for an innovative technology patented in Korea to pursue the commercialization opportunity with license search and negotiation execution.

Partner Search | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Partner Search

Partner Search is a technology commercialization activity to search out alliance partners such as Licensee, OEM Manufacturer, Joint Venture or Distribution partner (Sales Rep, Importer) in Korea.

Valuation | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd


Technology valuation is the estimated amount of a certain technology undertaken in the context of a specific business situation. The DTK valuation makes the difference in technology commercialization results.

Royalty Audit | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Royalty Audit

DTK's professional CPA associates are available to provide you with a bookkeeping audit service to identify the underpayment by applied products, calculation processes, sales records, etc.

Credit Reporting | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Credit Reporting

Would you want the extended in depth information on potential partners in Korea? Contact DTK professionals. DTK's credit reporting services will help you realize the technology commercialization success.

IP Acquisition | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

IP Acquisition

In need of the right IP acquisitions? DTK's patent attorneys are ready to help technology-based companies abroad acquire intellectual properties in Korea based on the following procedures:

Tech Scouting | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Tech Scouting

Technology Scouting is an in-licensing activity for a licensee to develop a new business or to solve process bottleneck based on market pull approach. Leverage DTK's deep market networks for your successful technology scouting.

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