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Selected Korean Manufacturers and products for the global markets. Leverage global business together with Hwadong International.
Youngnam Steel Furniture Co., Ltd. | 화동인터내셔널

Youngnam Steel Furniture Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer Of Education System Furniture

'YoungNam Steel Furniture' was founded in 1977 that specialized in the development and manufacture of EDUCATION SYSTEM FURNITURE. They aim to provide a good environment and good education for children who dream about ...

None | 화동인터내셔널

"Making Hopeful Future With Our World-Best Ginseng"

Chungbuk Ginseng Cooperative Association is representative group that specialize in manufacturing high-quality products with state-of-the-art facilities, covering the province of Chungbuk which produces the largest amount of Korea ginseng across the whole country ...

Bujangmury Gold Shampoo | 화동인터내셔널

Bujangmury Gold Shampoo

Helps strengthen scalp to maintain a healthy scalp with extracts of natural ingredients like Ginseng. (500ml)

Bujangmury Original Shampoo | 화동인터내셔널

Bujangmury Original Shampoo

Preventing hair loss and increasing hair thickness with the fragrance of unique and refreshing feeling. (400ml)

Products and Solutions | 화동인터내셔널

D-Triple Co., Ltd - Dimensional Digital Device Provider

Being established in 2015, D-TRIPLE Co., Ltd is corporate as dimensional digital device provider specializing in developing wearable LED display and night vision camera system.

SolNara Natural Soap | 화동인터내셔널

Solnara Natural Soap

Solnara soap are made from 100% natural ingredients that contains no toxic and harmful chemicals. They currently provide 4 soap types including Pine Soap, Garlic Soap, Peony Flower Soap and Cornus Officinalis for ...

Hampyeong Chon Ji Mushroom Agricultural Union Cooperation | 화동인터내셔널

Supoolnara Enoki Mushroom - Healthy Food

Hampyeong Chon Ji Mushroom Agricultural Union Cooperation - Supoolnara is South Korean company specializing in producing high quality Enoki mushrooms containing natural vitamins with high protein, low calories and none agricultural pesticides.