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Selected Korean Manufacturers and products for the global markets. Leverage global business together with Hwadong International.
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Eepple Plus

EEPPLE Plus is a personal business card management system which is is only available on smartphones and currently supported on Android.

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Idk Company Limited - System Integrity Diagnostics By Acoustic Emission Testing Technologies

IDK Company Limited Based on the technical know-how accumulated over more than 20 years by Integrity Diagnostics, IDK has the world's most prestigious acoustics test experience。

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Telaum Co., Ltd - Multimedia Network Market Leader

Telaum Co., LTD is the comprehensive wired and wireless telecommunications equipment company which performs advanced research into future broadband technologies based on an independent technology roadmap.

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Passvault : Effective Integrated Control Of Passwords

The Genuine Solution for Securing Systems by proper control of passwords

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Nopoo Hair+ Dolc H₂Co₃ Shampoo

Natural hypoallergenic shampoo for both mother and baby. • Ideal acidity for hair pH 4.5~5.5 • No synthetic surfactant, No synthetic preservative, No silicon, No artificial pigment.

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Doldori Seasoned Laver Snack

Doldori is a conventional Korean snack made of one side of laver covered with sticky rice and crops paste, dried and fried with 4 distinct flavors : Honey Butter Flavor / Hot Spicy ...