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Selected Korean Manufacturers and products for the global markets. Leverage global business together with Hwadong International.
Bujangmury Gold Shampoo | 화동인터내셔널

Bujangmury Gold Shampoo

Helps strengthen scalp to maintain a healthy scalp with extracts of natural ingredients like Ginseng. (500ml)

Bujangmury Original Shampoo | 화동인터내셔널

Bujangmury Original Shampoo

Preventing hair loss and increasing hair thickness with the fragrance of unique and refreshing feeling. (400ml)

Truezyme Baby Shampoo & Body Wash - 96% Natural Ingredients derived with oriented herbal nutrients, Jeju lava sea water, fementation and sensitive skin care function. | 화동인터내셔널

Truezyme Baby Line

Truezyme Baby Line including Shampoo & Body Wash, Face and Body Lotion with natural ingredients from Jeju Island.

 | 화동인터내셔널

Nopoo Hair+ Dolc H₂Co₃ Shampoo

Natural hypoallergenic shampoo for both mother and baby. • Ideal acidity for hair pH 4.5~5.5 • No synthetic surfactant, No synthetic preservative, No silicon, No artificial pigment.

Growing Liquid Hair Shampoo with natural ingredients from Jeju Island, oriented herbal nutrients, scalp and hair care function.  | 화동인터내셔널

Truezyme Scalp Line: Shampoo, Hair Tonic

Natural Trust from JEJU - Truezyme Active Enzyme Hair & Scalp Shampoo and Healing Hair Tonic with natural ingredients from Jeju Island.