Smart Pedestrian Guidance System for your safety guard

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Established in 2002, Daekyung Inc is a leading company in developing pedestrian protection system based on accumulated experience in traffic signal field.
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Pedestrian Voice Guidance System - For Your Safety

Pedestrian Voice Guidance System


It prevents the possible accidents by making automatic announcement to move to safety area when the pedestrians come into the road during the red-light signal. This system also guide the pedestrians in vocally by noticing that the green light  signals come in.

▣ Functions of the product

*  Automatic announcement through automatic recognition when pedestrians enters the dangerous area (roads)

*  Vocal announcement through the directional speaker system

*  Announcement  by text messages on the LED display board

*  Sending various messages including traffic situation and public message

*  Infoming  impending end of walking signal to the pedestrians

*  Displaying the waiting time of traffic signal


▣  Charactersitics  of the product

*  Notifying the danger by the Voice & Text

*  Minimizing the discomfort of noise by applying the directional speakers

*  Where to install

Children`s Protection Area
Senior Protection Area
Crosswalk with frequent accidents

*  Easy to install and maintain

Easy to install on the existing traffic lights without digging construction
Easy to maintain due to fewer malfunctioning caused by outer damager
Monitoring system with Wireless communication module is available (optional)

Pedestrian Automatic Recognition System - We wish you safety guard

Pedestrian Automatic Recognition System


If there is no the pedestrian, the traffic signal is operated to pass the vehicle, and if there is the pedestrian, ask for the pedestrian lights to turn on.

▣ Functions of the product

*  By recognizing the traverser automatically, the green signal will work even if the button is not pressed.

*  Informs that the pedestrian automatic recognition is installed

*  Display the waiting time of gait

*  Indicates that the gait will be terminated soon

*  Conduct voice guidance using directional speakers

*  Display text messages by LED display board


▣ Characteristics of the product

*  Automatically distinguish the pedestrian and the traverser

Notify how to be operated the system

Pedestrian friendly system

   - Pedestrian-friendly system that let both ordinary people and the disabled conveniently use because it recognizes the traverser automatically

   - It is installed at a high position, so it has less trouble due to damage and breakage.

Where to install

   - Crosswalk with flashing traffic lights

   - Crosswalk with Pedestrian-Operated Signaling

   - Crosswalk at relatively low crossings

Crosswalk Recording Device System by utilizing HD digital camera

▣ Functions of the product

*  High-quality 24 hours recording

The crosswalk is always recorded by the HD quality camera, and recording is done by time, date and the day of week if necessary.

▣ Characteristics of the product

*  It is enable to accurately analyze the traffic accidents using recorded video data

*  Preventing hit-and-run accidents at late night or quick relief  through crosswalk recording system

*  Inducing safe driving and preventing jaywalking

*  Installation Locations : crosswalks where there are lots of accidents, less pedestrians and cars or with flashing traffic lights at late night.

Traffic Light Controller for operating the traffic light and collect traffic information

Bus Information Terminal accurately provides location of the bus, arrival time and information related to the bus and waiting passengers

Electricity & IT Construction

Besides, Daekyung Co., Ltd specializes in providing construction and maintenance work of electric or IT operational division, CCTV for control and other items such as traffic alarm controller and street light.

With accumulated knowledge and dedicated commitment, Daekyung Co., Ltd was awarded by Minister of Industry and Commerce as traffic sign system specialized corporation. They will put numerous amount of efforts to become global company by having creative thinking and challenging passion in the field of traffic signal and management system.