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Chungbuk Ginseng Cooperative Association is representative group that specialize in manufacturing high-quality products with state-of-the-art facilities, covering the province of Chungbuk which produces the largest amount of Korea ginseng across the whole country of Korea.
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Chungbuk Ginseng Cooperative Association


Being established in 1955,  Chungbuk Ginseng Cooperative Association manages Korea ginseng produced in the whole regions of Chungbuk and Gyeongnam provinces, and 2 cities and 2 counties (Gumi-city, Gimcheon-city, Seongju-gun, Goryeong-gun) of Gyeongbuk province. 

Samnuri  is a registered trademark by Chungbuk Ginseng Cooperative Association that contains the pride and goal of promoting the qualities of Korean Ginseng to make the world healthier and more vibrant.

It marks the high-quality red ginseng and ginseng products manufactured in the first GMP facility designated for ginseng plant, and contains the conviction of Chungbuk Ginseng Cooperative Association working to promote Korean Ginseng.

Main Businesses

Production/Distribution of Top-quality Ginseng - an innovative system of producing and distributing top-quality ginseng to satisfy both of producers and consumers. 

Competitiveness with Newest Knowledge& Technology 

Nonghyup(NH) - Worldwide Prime Bank is a most trustful bank leading the development of communities.

Customized Distribution System - With extensive sales network and online shopping mall for consumers’ convenience 

Story of Ginseng

As you may know, Ginseng is growing well in cool and well-ventilated environment and uncontaminated soil. With its environment of natural favor, Chungbuk province produces the largest amount of Korean Ginseng in Korea.

Effects of Ginseng : 

– Restores blood and heartbeat (improved hematosis and blood circulation), comforts the mind and stabilizes the brain (improved heart function and reduced stress)

– Improves natural energy and restores fatigue (improved fatigue and promotion of strength)

– Restores bodily fluids and stops thirst (anti-diabetic qualities and strengthened spleen functions)

– lmproves lung functions and stops asthma (prevention and improvement of respiratory diseases)

– Strengthens the stomach and stops diarrhea, removes toxin and abscess

Holding of Certifications

Korean Ginseng (Red Ginseng)


Korean Red Ginseng Tea


Honeyed Ginseng