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USCIENCE | 화동인터내셔널

United Science Institute Co.,Ltd - Uscience

USCIENCE is the company of United Science Institute. It attracts the fourth industry with creative technology that combines human creativity with the intellectual power of AI. The company offers 3D information sensors, 2D ...

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EEPPLE-BIZ is a corporate business card management system with the automatic recognition of business cards, available on both Playstore and Appstore.

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Eepple Plus

EEPPLE Plus is a personal business card management system which is is only available on smartphones and currently supported on Android.

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So The Code - Ict Innovation Company To Communicate And Design With Customers

Established in 2017, SO THE CODE is a South Korean company that specializes in developing IoT, Web/App and Content Services.

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Passvault : Effective Integrated Control Of Passwords

The Genuine Solution for Securing Systems by proper control of passwords

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I-Safer : Effective Integrated Control Of Personal Information

Personal Information Search Solution

BM 블랙 매직 (Black Magic) 라인은 하드 디스크상의 파일을 삭제하고 개인용 PC의 중요한 데이터를 영구적으로 삭제하여 복구 할 수 없도록하는 솔루션임. | 화동인터내셔널

Black Magic 영구삭제 솔루션

개인 정보의 영구 삭제 솔루션

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Mamicall - The Call To Protect Your Loved Ones

A safety device connected with smartphones that could protect your loved ones in emergency situations developed by DAEHO I&T Co., Ltd.

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Dts Insight

DTS INSIGHT CORPORATION has been started as a member of DTS group,merging with Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation and ART System Co., Ltd. and expanded business mainly focusing on the embedded technology. (

"대리쌤" App is a new easy-to-use, convenient and economical education form. Saving more time, more money and useful for self-learning skill improvement. | 화동인터내셔널

대리쌤 App