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Colorpink R&D Incorporation : Nature & Organic + New Material + High Technology Cosmetics | 화동인터내셔널

Colorpink R&D Incorporation : Nature & Organic + New Material + High Technology Cosmetics

Dec. 13, 2019

Consumer Guidederma cosmetic pure science hand softener aqua marine mist mineral mist phyto cream centella cream caviar cream formulier colorpink r&d incorporation 베트남 시장진출 vietnam market skincare cosmetics vietnam clients info

Established in 2010, Colorpink R&D Incorporation has been expanding its business fields and achieving tremendous business growth through constant brand new technology & product developments to achieve its goal of becoming a leading cosmetic R&D company in the global market.

"Making Hopeful Future with our world-best ginseng" | 화동인터내셔널

"Making Hopeful Future With Our World-Best Ginseng"

May 29, 2019

Consumer Guidechungbuk ginseng cooperative association candy tea extra drink extract liquids korean red ginseng soap south korea food clients info

Chungbuk Ginseng Cooperative Association is representative group that specialize in manufacturing high-quality products with state-of-the-art facilities, covering the province of Chungbuk which produces the largest amount of Korea ginseng across the whole country of Korea.

Solnara launches Korean Natural Soap Brand called "Semicolon" | 화동인터내셔널

Solnara Launches Korean Natural Soap Brand Called "Semicolon"

Jan. 19, 2018

Consumer Guidesolnara semicolon cosmetics natural soap south korea clients info exports

EDAILY News (2016/03/16) Solnara Co., Ltd announced on 16th of March that it has launched "Semicolon", a natural soap brand. EDAILY新闻(2016/03/16) Solnara Co.,Ltd于3月16日宣布推出天然皂品牌“Semicolon”。


Hankook Medicare : The Best Quality Of The World

Feb. 23, 2018

Consumer Guidehankook medicare contact lenses pharmaceutical south korea clients info

A professional manufacturer of contact lenses care products from South Korea. Hankook Medicare Co.,Ltd. always strives to achieve the highest possible quality. 

Health + Beauty : "Solnara" produces excellent products using Korean native plant material | 화동인터내셔널

Health + Beauty : "Solnara" Produces Excellent Products Using Korean Native Plant Material

Jan. 19, 2018

Consumer Guidesolnara natural soap south korea clients info exports

JOONGBOO News (2015/01/07) It is well known that pine needles have 170 distinct positive effects and healing functions to 127 diseases in the human body. Solnara is using Korean natural plants for research, development, and production of pine needle oil capsules, natural soap, essence, hand sanitizers, and air fresheners. JOONGBOO新闻(2015/01/07) 众所周知,松针针对人体内的127种疾病具有170种明显的积极作用和愈合功能。 Solnara公司正在使用韩国的天然植物来研究,开发和生产松针油胶囊,天然肥皂,香精,洗手液和空气清新剂。

Sobaek Korea launches Red Ginseng Cosmetics | 화동인터내셔널

Sobaek Korea Launches Red Ginseng Cosmetics

Jan. 18, 2018

Consumer Guidesobaek korea korean red ginseng cosmetics south korea clients info

BETANEWS (2017/11/20) Sobaek Korea was founded in September 1997 under the slogan "Let's produce the best products for the people's health". They are doing their best with the corporate philosophy of "Become the best company to contribute to the national health".

Sobaek Korea exports 15 tons of Yeongju Punggi Ginseng to China | 화동인터내셔널

Sobaek Korea Exports 15 Tons Of Yeongju Punggi Ginseng To China

Jan. 18, 2018

Consumer Guidesobaek korea korean red ginseng south korea china clients info exports

ASIATODAY News (2017/12/03) The Yeongju City, Gyeongbuk Province government announced on December 1 that Sobaek Ginseng Agricultural Union shipped a total of 15 tons (600 million won) for export to China as a result of its efforts to increase the world's highest quality Punggi Ginseng export.

Daegu Venture Company  E-SOUP enters US market ... FDA Quasi-drugs Registration | 화동인터내셔널

Daegu Venture Company E-Soup Enters Us Market ... Fda Quasi-Drugs Registration

Jan. 18, 2018

Consumer Guidedentree foam toothpaste usa fda esoup south korea clients info exports

Signing MOU Contract with JGBLi A portable foam toothpaste, "Dentree" can be used without toothbrush and developed by a Korean small and medium sized company, will enter the US market. 与JGBLi签署谅解备忘录合同 一种便携式泡沫牙膏“Dentree”可以在没有牙刷的情况下使用,由韩国中小公司开发,将进入美国市场。

Crispy and savory Gwangcheon Laver that will have your mouth watering | 화동인터내셔널

Crispy And Savory Gwangcheon Laver That Will Have Your Mouth Watering

Jan. 16, 2018

Consumer Guidebohyun snack seasoned laver south korea food vietnam china clients info

Crispy and Savory Gwangcheon Laver is the product of roasting laver rich in vitamins and minerals with the utmost care produced by Bohyun Co., Ltd.

Design Comphics : Smart Partner for Your Marketing Strategy | 화동인터내셔널

Design Comphics : Smart Partner For Your Marketing Strategy

Jan. 8, 2018

Consumer Guidedesign company south korea clients info

Design Comphics is South Korean venture company that has been focusing on communication graphics since 1997. The company provides a full service from brand identity design, graphics design to package solutions for enterprises in distinct areas. Design Comphics also specializes in designing cover, fancy characters as well as editing promotional advertising video.


Teltron : Auto-On Led Sensor Bulb

Dec. 27, 2017

Consumer Guideteltron auto-on south korea bulb sensor led vietnam clients info exports

Since 2000, Teltron Corporation is well-established South Korean company that has specialized in developing and selling of products leveraging high-frequency band including 10GHz band motion sensor, light saving control and more.


Eepple-Biz: Business Cards Management System With Just One Touch

Dec. 15, 2017

Consumer Guidesmartb2m eepple-biz eepple plus enterprise personal system namecards management it solutions clients info

SMARTB2M is IT, Software specialized company that mainly concentrates on developing business cards management systems.

SMS: "A Security Specialist, responsible for your information protection" | 화동인터내셔널

Sms: "A Security Specialist, Responsible For Your Information Protection"

Dec. 12, 2017

Consumer Guidesms passvault black magic i-safer information security specialist security it solutions vietnam clients info

In this decade of cyberhack, SMS is established to protect users precious information with their innovative IT solutions and optimum services for information security.

DAEHO I&T: Your smart partner researching for your safety and convenience | 화동인터내셔널

Daeho I&T: Your Smart Partner Researching For Your Safety And Convenience

Nov. 28, 2017

Consumer Guidemamicall daeho i&t self-defensed south korea it solutions vietnam clients info exports

DAEHO I&T is an ICT service and smart solution company. They have always endeavored to create new values with challenges and innovations to protect the affluent lives of people around the world.

Truezyme - Natural Trust from JEJU | 화동인터내셔널

Truezyme - Natural Trust From Jeju

Nov. 23, 2017

Consumer Guidetruezyme baby line body line scalp line cosmetics natural south korea japan china clients info exports

Truezyme is South Korean cosmetic brand that specializes in developing safe, effective natural products including 3 main product lines - Scalp Line, Body Line and Baby Line, approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Miracle Hair growing with Ecobio Shampoo | 화동인터내셔널

Miracle Hair Growing With Ecobio Shampoo

Nov. 20, 2017

Consumer Guideecobio scalp line functional cosmetics south korea anti-hair loss shampoo clients info exports

Ecobio Medical Institute has focused on R&D activity and producing Anti-hair loss Shampoo, Functional Cosmetics, Raw Materials for Cosmetics with natural ingredients.

" Advanced Company, Honorable HSTechVIC" | 화동인터내셔널

" Advanced Company, Honorable Hstechvic"

Nov. 17, 2017

Consumer Guidehstechvic south america europe singapore usa taiwan magnetic transducer/buzzer micro speaker & receiver sound transducer electronic engineering specialist south korea japan china clients info exports

HSTechVIC is South Korean company specializing in the fields of electronic engineering. Since 1987, the company has been recognized and proved as a leading company in Sound Transducer Industry.

Cellicon Lab: "Healthy skin is beautiful skin" | 화동인터내셔널

Cellicon Lab: "Healthy Skin Is Beautiful Skin"

Nov. 14, 2017

Consumer Guidecellicon lab sensitive skin trouble skin acne treatment scalp line cosmetics south korea anti-hair loss shampoo clients info exports

Cellicon Lab is the bio-venture company specializing in development novel peptides for human care and produce a human-friendly peptide cosmetics for various skin trouble such as wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles, acne and even hair loss, etc.

DBiO : Bujangmury (Angry Head) Shampoo for hair loss, less or no hair | 화동인터내셔널

Dbio : Bujangmury (Angry Head) Shampoo For Hair Loss, Less Or No Hair

Nov. 10, 2017

Consumer Guidedbio bujangmury (angry head) scalp line anti-hair loss shampoo clients info

DBiO, Inc is a bio-tech company that are famous for hair promotion researches and producing shampoo and hair treatment called Bujangmury (Angry Head) that helps users who are suffered from hair loss, less or no hair.

E-SOUP: "Putting the goodness of the forest into products" | 화동인터내셔널

E-Soup: "Putting The Goodness Of The Forest Into Products"

Nov. 9, 2017

Consumer Guidedentree foam toothpaste prevent effect periodontal disease whitening effect flavor peppermint strawberry apple mint esoup south korea clients info exports

With the statement of bring client satisfaction through the best technology and the best quality, E-SOUP is a South Korean company that specializes in manufacturing and producing eco-friendly products that supports healthy life for everyone. 随着通过最好的技术和最好的质量为客户带来满意的声明, E-SOUP是一家韩国公司,专门制造和生产支持每个人健康生活的环保产品。

Sung Hyun Enterprise - Ready to bring Innovative Technology to the world | 화동인터내셔널

Sung Hyun Enterprise - Ready To Bring Innovative Technology To The World

Sept. 27, 2017

Consumer Guidethailand vietnam clients info

Sung Hyun Enterprise is South Korean company that specializes in production and maintenance of electricity generations, chemical and industrial plants. 

Agricultural corporation Jungdama Inc. : "True Heart, Happiness and Natural Flavor" | 화동인터내셔널

Agricultural Corporation Jungdama Inc. : "True Heart, Happiness And Natural Flavor"

Sept. 15, 2017

Consumer Guidefermented juice fermented extract south korea food clients info exports

Agricultural Corporation Jungdama Inc. is a forerunner in the fermentation industry, and using its accumulated knowhow along with its new technology, it researches and develops various healthy fermented products for its customers.

BOBAEK CNS : Heat sink for your electronic appliances | 화동인터내셔널

Bobaek Cns : Heat Sink For Your Electronic Appliances

Sept. 15, 2017

Consumer Guidebobaek cns heat sink ppfilm pcfilm tape south korea vietnam clients info exports

Bobaek CNS is South Korean manufacturing company that specialize in producing and supplying tape for digital TV and mobile phone, special purpose film, DECOR print sheet, conductive silicon, and graphite and more based on advanced production technology.

Solnara : 100% Natural soap for removal of skin troubles        Solnara:100%天然肥皂,用于清除皮肤问题 | 화동인터내셔널

Solnara : 100% Natural Soap For Removal Of Skin Troubles Solnara:100%天然肥皂,用于清除皮肤问题

Sept. 15, 2017

Consumer Guidesolnara dry skin cornus officinalis peony flower garlic pine sensitive skin trouble skin acne treatment usa cosmetics natural soap handmade south korea vietnam china clients info exports

Solnara is a Natural Cosmetics and Health manufacturer in South Korea. They specializes in producing natural soap as well as red pine needle oil food.Solnara是韩国的一家天然化妆品和保健品生产商。 他们专门生产天然肥皂以及红松针油食品。

HUMANWELL : "Present Your Love with our Doldori" | 화동인터내셔널

Humanwell : "Present Your Love With Our Doldori"

Sept. 15, 2017

Consumer Guidedoldori humanwell savory wasabi cheese hot spicy honey butter seasoned seaweed flavor snack south korea clients info exports

Humanwell is started as a South Korean manufacturer of red ginseng, who then sell and export the seasoned seaweed with red ginseng, chitosan, green tea, salicomia herbacea and others, and snacks to domestic agencies and foreign countries. They always think of the health of customers in priority.

MUNGYEONG MISO : Seasoned Laver with full of vitamins and minerals | 화동인터내셔널

Mungyeong Miso : Seasoned Laver With Full Of Vitamins And Minerals

Sept. 15, 2017

Consumer Guideagricultural corporation mungyeong miso onion laver roasted seasoned laver omija laver good for health protein high vitamin seasoned laver south korea clients info exports

Agricultural Corporation Mungyeong Miso is South Korean company specializing in producing seasoned laver. Mungyeong Miso always provide customers with the best product as part of their priority to keep their customers healthy.

M-TECH: Master Technology for modern life  | 화동인터내셔널

M-Tech: Master Technology For Modern Life

Aug. 28, 2017

Consumer Guidem-tech non-toxic multi-service robot eco-friendly toys self-assembled robotics technology information education south korea vietnam clients info exports

M-Tech Co., Ltd. is an South Korean enterprise founded in 2000 that specializes in information technology and robotics.

Supoolnara : "Enoki Mushroom - Healthy Food - Happy Meal - Healthy Family" | 화동인터내셔널

Supoolnara : "Enoki Mushroom - Healthy Food - Happy Meal - Healthy Family"

Aug. 28, 2017

Consumer Guidesupoolnara good for health protein high vitamin raise cultivate enoki mushroom eco-friendly usa natural south korea vietnam clients info exports

Hampyeong Chon Ji Mushroom Agricultural Union Cooperation - Supoolnara is South Korean company specializing in producing high quality purely magnetic mushrooms from nature.

Moide - Natural Cosmetics from South Korea | 화동인터내셔널

Moide - Natural Cosmetics From South Korea

Aug. 23, 2017

Consumer Guidefarmbios moide (모이드) facial mask skincare oily skin dry skin sensitive skin trouble skin cosmetics natural soap handmade south korea clients info exports

Farmbios Co., Ltd is South Korean venture company specializing in biotechnology. They are researching and developing natural functional materials and cosmetics to provide the best products to consumers.

Laundromat? You must want to break the original laundry route after check this out! | 화동인터내셔널

Laundromat? You Must Want To Break The Original Laundry Route After Check This Out!

Aug. 22, 2017

Consumer Guidemodern lifestyle new unmanned laundry locker smart cube technology south korea clients info

Have you ever imagined a simple life in a community full of Smart Unmanned Locker for personal parcel or laundry? Now, it is the moment for your dream come true with only a smart phone needed. Smart Cube Company saves your time with the newest technology and its avant-garde joyful system.

Meeting with the best robot R&D company | 화동인터내셔널

Meeting With The Best Robot R&D Company

Aug. 14, 2017

Newsclients info

Marketing consultants (Daehoon Kang from Korea, Yang Cao from China, Cherry from Vietnam) in Hwadong International have invited a client company's(M-Tech) CTO Mr. Seonmo Kang to our office to present the Vietnam market research result.

“ We customize the shirts just for you!” | 화동인터내셔널

“ We Customize The Shirts Just For You!”

Aug. 3, 2017

Consumer Guidechris shirt design elegant luxury shirt custom-made south korea japan clients info exports

On 3rd of August, the contract was signed between Hwadong International and our client company (CHRIS SHIRT). CHRIS SHIRT is dedicated to custom-made shirt manufacturing with their own outstanding designer.

Sung Hyun Enterprise - Ready to bring new Heat Exchanger to Vietnam market | 화동인터내셔널

Sung Hyun Enterprise - Ready To Bring New Heat Exchanger To Vietnam Market

Aug. 1, 2017

Newssung hyun power plant engineering south korea vietnam clients info exports mou

In 1st of August - Mr. Daehoon Kang (CEO of Hwadong International) and our advisor Mr. Choi had a site tour in one of our clients' factory --- Sung Hyun Enterprise.