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Appointment of the Knowledge Committee | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Appointment of the Knowledge Committee

Seung-ho, CEO of Deltatech-Korea, has been appointed as a member of the Knowledge Committee of the Korean University Technology Transfer Association.

DTK News 05/11/2021
2021 MOU WITH KIPA | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd


Deltatech-Korea has been designated as a private institution of the Korea Invention Promotion Association's "Private-Public Cooperative Intellectual Property Transaction Support Project."

DTK News 05/11/2021
2021 Enterprise Europe Network | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

2021 Enterprise Europe Network

Deltatech-Korea has been selected as an Enterprise Europe Network participant in the global technology commercialization project for KIAT 2021.

DTK News 04/20/2021
TekTite 2021 : Digital Economy | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

TekTite 2021 : Digital Economy

TekTite 2021 is an online technology exhibition in the digital economy. For more information, please contact or +82-2-3278-2711.

Events Calendar 04/08/2021
Join GBA as Regular Member | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Join GBA as Regular Member

DeltaTech-Korea has joined GBA as a regular member. Global Business Alliance (GBA) is a Business Platform for Cooperation and connecting Korean and Foreign Entrepreneurs, Diplomats/Trade Counselors and International Startup Leaders.

DTK News 04/05/2021
Innovplus Challenge 2021 | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Innovplus Challenge 2021

This is the announcement of Innovplus Challenge 2021 from IPI LAI. Please refer to the company you are interested in. This is an expression of interest (EOI) submission by March 2021.

Events Calendar 03/30/2021
Selection of consulting institutions for overseas export support projects for excellent environmental companies in 2021 | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Selection of consulting institutions for overseas export support projects for excellent environmental companies in 2021

DeltaTech Korea Co., Ltd. has been selected as an advisory body for the Korea Environmental Industry Association's 2021 overseas export support project for outstanding environmental companies.

DTK News 03/25/2021
Korea, the rising open innovation market | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Korea, the rising open innovation market

Collaboration and co-creation have always been around the world. Since the early 2000s, technology based companies have adopted open innovation to acquire and process integrated information. Input for their innovation process was successful. This presentation is about the innovative environment of South Korea.

DTK News 12/11/2020
Techinnovation 2020 | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Techinnovation 2020

Delta-tech Korea ltd is planning to co-ordinate a crowdpitching session in Techinnovation 2020, which is a premier technology-industry brokerage event from Singapore. In its ninth year since its start from 2012, it has grown to become a leading conference and exhibition in Singapore that provides the opportunities for technology and business collaboration. For this year’s event, it will be held through the online due to the Corona Virus. Among the companies participating in this event, 10 Korean companies with promising technologies mainly related to the Smart City industry will present their technologies. [Outline for the event] - Name of the event: Techinnovation 2020 - Date: Dec.7th (Mon) ~ Dec.11th (Fri) - Main Field: Services & Digital Economy/ Urban Solutions & Sustainability/ Health & Personal Care/ Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering - Name of crowdpitching Session: Korea Open Innovation Smart City - Date: Dec.9th (Wed) 16:30~18:00 - Opening Speech: Korea: Rising OpenInnovation Smart City+

DTK News 11/23/2020conference
2020 Tech-Transfer/Commercialization Conference | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

2020 Tech-Transfer/Commercialization Conference

Seung-Ho Lee, CEO of DeltaTech Korea Co., Ltd, made presentation on the topic of 'Untact New Normal era, Global Tech-Marketing Method: following the Ledaing Organisations' non-face-to-face activity at 2020 Tech-Transfer/Commercialization Conference

DTK News 11/03/2020
DTK as Regional Partner of VR Tradeshow Provider | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

DTK as Regional Partner of VR Tradeshow Provider

DTK is now the Regional Partner (Korea, China and Japan area) of HexaFair. HexaFair is a Virtual Fair Solution Provider. The Virtual Trade Show (VTS) Solution contains various features to support video conferences, one-to-one meetings, product display in a virtual booth (photos and videos), and various reports available for organizers, exhibitors, and attendees. The reports contain valuable information for better analytics. Contact us at 02-3278-2735 for demo.

DTK News 02/26/2020
2019 Global Technology Cooperation Forum | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

2019 Global Technology Cooperation Forum

DTK is inviting our partners to the “2019 GT (Global Technology) Cooperation Forum” to be held in December 12, 2019, in Seoul, South Korea. The objective of the forum is to spur global technology cooperation and sharing R&D outcomes and information with national and international innovators. This GT Cooperation forum is part of the K-Tech Show 2019, which will run from Dec.12-14, 2019. The forum will be open to at least 200 participants from different government organizations from various countries, public organizations, universities, corporates, research institutes, and also companies. The program will include the main Global Technology Cooperation Forum itself and, technical seminars, B2B match-making, to name a few. Technical seminars will be in the sectors of Components of Next Generation (semiconductors and display), Smart Mobility (Autonomous Driving, etc.), and Advanced Materials (materials, nanotechnology, ICT convergence, etc.). For registration, please send us an email at or call us at +82-2-3278-2735. You can also check the registration page in Korean through this website:

Events Calendar 11/27/2019
2019 Venture B2P Commercialization Mentoring Sessions | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

2019 Venture B2P Commercialization Mentoring Sessions

We will have the 2019 B2P Commercialization Mentoring Sessions in Jeonju City this December 4. Experts from different fields will be present as mentors for companies. In addition, there will also be participants from small and medium venture entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other institutions that provide corporate support. To register, please visit this page:

Events Calendar 11/22/2019
TECHINNOVATION 2019 | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd


DeltaTech-Korea led the 5 R&D institutes with NST to the TECHINNOVATION brokerage event in Singapore from November 11 to 13, 2019.

DTK News 11/15/2019b2b meetings matchmaking exhibition singapore
EEN SG Healthcare Business Support Program | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

EEN SG Healthcare Business Support Program

Theme: The project is for Empowering Patients by Professional Stress Avoidance and Recovery Services. Name: STARS funded by: EU-PCP Due date:~2019.4.30. Funding amount: 3.26 million Euros (Including VAT) Target: researchers

Events Calendar 03/20/2019hospital sector group horizon2020 healthcare
2019 Korea EUREKA Day | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

2019 Korea EUREKA Day

Korea EUREKA Day 2019 will be held in Manchester, UK, on 13 - 17 May.

Events Calendar 03/05/2019future mobility clean energy artificial intelligene & data k-tag eureka
2018 Korea-Europe Technology Cooperation Workshop | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

2018 Korea-Europe Technology Cooperation Workshop

The Innovation Expo 2018 on October 3rd to 5th in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Events Calendar 08/10/2018


R&D Network "EUREKA" Korea, the First Country of Non-European Partner Korea becomes an official member of EUREKA for the first time.

DTK News 05/25/2018
EUREKA INNOVATION DAYS 2018 | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd


Matchmaking at EUREKA Innovation Days in Helsinki, 22-24 May 2018

Events Calendar 04/03/2018b2b meetings matchmaking eureka europe
Eu Gateway to Korea 2018 | DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Eu Gateway to Korea 2018

Eu Gateway HealthCare Technology Exhibition occured on 13th March, 2018 in Korea.

DTK News 03/19/2018eugateway b2b meetings matchmaking een healthcare

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